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Few Random Clicks

Visiting grandma’s home is always fun.I went to my grandma’s[maternal] home 15 days ago.House is beautifully located in a beautiful location.You will come to know it is a beautiful place. Too many beautiful’s,right???I am glad that I was brought up there,carrying lot of sweet memories of childhood in my heart.

Owning a good camera was my unfulfilled wish till few days back.My grandfather had bought me a thirty rupees worth camera as earlier than I expected.May be he couldn’t have been able to tolerate my nagging.I was flattered  and also very happy with the camera my grandpa presented.Bickering everyone to give a pose for the photo had not been a boring job to me for a long time.Now I own the original camera but my grandpa is no more in this world to look at how I have grown up.Sometimes we have to live in memories.Let me come back.It’s very common to use and carry the stuffs all the time when we get something new.Here are the few random clicks taken in my grandma’s house.

 Canal in front of the house--->Still pretending to asleep with green blanket????..Show your true colours

Canal in front of the house—>Still pretending to asleep with green blanket????..Show your true colours

Canal used to be very clean but now plants keep weeping after consuming it.It is a main source for irrigation in and around the village.Myself and my brother used to swim there and made a lot of memories.

When I woke up that morning in my grandma’s home,I could rewind the memories of morning breeze,Cow’s ma sound,bird watching,sound of rustling neem tree leaves which I used to enjoy in morning.Even though certain things like neem tree and cow are disappeared,they will remain in my memory forever.

View from the terrace--->Its boring to hear the word "taller"[I am just 6 feet].Now I don't feel taller when I look at you

View from the terrace—>Its boring to hear the word “taller”[I am just 6 feet].Now I don’t feel taller when I look at you

I always love to look at this hill when I feel down.Losing myself in the nature makes me to feel refreshed and alive.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

–Albert Einstein

Sesame plants sown in farm

Sesame plants sown in farm—>How long are you going to feed yourself to parrots???

I should have taken the pictures of sunrise and sunset behind these tall coconut tress.I missed it but I preserve a photo of sunrise which was taken long back using my old mobile.But it is one of my favorites.

Sunrise,You brightens my day!!!

Sunrise—>I woke up before you and thanks for brightening my day!!!


Yellow,Yellow–>Will you keep blooming????

Rithanika is my niece.She is very 8 month old cute child.She wore the pink frock which I have bought her three months back..We were on the way to my home since my dad invited everyone for gathering.My uncle was driving and my aunt was sitting in the front seat.She is very adorable and adjustable child and I never saw her crying.She always stick with my grandma and she is proud of that.She feels comfortable lying over my grandma’s chest and busy looking out the window.She likes to keep keys,mobiles with her for playing.

Rithanika with my grandmother

Rithanika with my grandmother—>Why are you not looking at me????

Everyone in my family completely mesmerized with her cute smile,soft fingers,adorable face,tiny legs.I wanted to capture all her cute reactions.She kept an eye on my mobile since she likes to play with it .Nobody would want to make cute little smiling face to shrink. I have given her mobile with little hesitation and she picked it happily.She doesn’t allow anyone easily to take her photograph.

My intention of giving my mobile was to deviate her so that I can click her image while she was playing.When I was about to capture her photo,she suddenly turned other side.I tried to capture many times but she didn’t like to give me a chance.Atlast I felt dizzy.Yes,Mission failed!!!!When she left our house,her smile conveyed me “Better luck next time!!!” Waiting to capture your cute little smiling face.

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