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Feel like writing …

If I feel to write about anything,I will write and post immediately whatever it takes.But I don’t feel like writing  about it,but some thing is forcing me inside to write on it.I am going to write about my wild dream which I had few days back and I don’t want to hold it inside as well,it’s eating my head

She couldn’t believe she was sitting next to herself.Person who looks alike her lying dead besides her.Her mother was crying and she couldn’t keep watching her mother cry.She wanted to wipe her tears but she was not able to touch her.She was not able to believe the happenings around her.Then she concluded that person who is lying dead is not who likes alike her but herself.She nodded her head,rubbed her eyes twice,but things didn’t change.No matter how she tried,it was too hectic to figure out how she died.

If some unexpected and bitter things happen,Like everyone she wished to wake up from the bad dream.No magic has happened to tell her it is a dream.But tears keeps rolling down over her cheeks.Suddenly,white ray of light is coming towards her.Human mind’s imagination is wild and it’s ridiculous some times.So many Wh questions are arisen. Is anyone coming through it to collect my soul?Is destination Heaven or Hell?Can I see God in this journey ?All of sudden,some thing has put an end to her imagination.She turned back suddenly after hearing some one knocking the door.Yes,She was able to hear her own heart beat,deep breath of her friend next to her cot,wind which is blowing fast outside.Her eyes were wide open.She wiped her tears,got up from the bed and opened the door at midnight but nobody was there.Still,Now I am not able to believe it was a dream and I am happy it ended well before some one has arrived in my dream. At last,bright smile spreaded over my face in that mid night to tell myself that  I am still alive and no body came to collect my soul.

Is it the stairway to Heaven??

Is it the stairway to Heaven??

Few days back,I watched a Korean drama called 49 Days .I was so captivated by the cast,story line of this drama.This story might have been a reason for the dream.Still I am not able to believe that it was a dream.Everything looks like real but I could feel the fear of death.As I watched myself die, I am experiencing restless nights the dream shook me to the core.I am grateful that I woke up from the dream and I am really very happy to be alive at this moment

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Good out of bad

Unlike any other day,I was bored to death by sitting alone in the room on Sunday.Sometimes I like to read quotes when I feel bored.When I come across the below mentioned quote,I was wondering if there were any such similar situation occurred in my life .Suddenly ,an incident strikes in my mind.Past memories started flashing in front of me that happened almost four years ago.I couldn’t control myself.I started laughing like anything(ROFL)

Life is of good and bad. Sometimes good comes out of bad .

Unexpectedly sometimes bad turns out as  funny when you think of it.


Here comes the story:

First of all thanks for reading this big passages. After completing my high school,I had been extremely happy.Some thoughts about some things might vary when we mature.But the feel of completing our last exam will never ever change.I had been blinking when my dad started asking how much I would score in the exams.I had managed to tell certain number,but lower than I expected.

I had been trembling in fears till my exam result is announced.I had got pretty good score.Everyone who cared about me was happy including me:)Like every other grandma in Tamilnadu, she advised my dad, “Why are you wasting money??.she already studied much.She should learn cooking and other house hold works so that she can get married in next two years.”My dad didn’t reply back to her and he was busy in choosing the college.

I had been afraid of entering  the college for so many reasons.It’s difficult to list here everything.Example,We have been not allowed to talk with opposite gender in schools.The rule followed in school has made me to get afraid of opposite genders.Finally,I had got admitted in one of the reputed colleges and the day came after 5 months.

Yes.Finally,It was the day I had been waiting for . I had to take a walk for some 20 mins from my hostel to reach the college main block.Class rooms for respective departments had been allocated.Everyone had been rushing to the noticeboard to identify the allotted  classrooms because nobody wanted to be late on the very first day of the college including me.

I am tall(around 176 cm) so that I could had been able to view my allocated class easily than others.I was supposed to report at 8.45 but the clock hadn’t waited for me and I rushed into my allocated classroom at 8.55.Already I had been scared.Around 10 people had been sitting in the allotted classroom.It had happened to be my good luck on that day since everyone happened to be guys..There had been no way for me to verify whether I came to the allocated room or not.At that time a person came and announced some thing.I had not heard him properly.

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Finally I had came to know that they changed the allotted class room.I had followed the people who were sitting along with me.I had never imagined that my first day in my college would turn out as a most embarrassing and best moment in my life.Every body entered into the classroom and I had been few steps behind them.All of sudden,after stumbling on something,I had fallen down in front of my classmates.Sorry for the interruption.Imagine for one second.Embarrassing right???I had to spend my four years with them.I had scolded myself for what happened.I had wished it would be nice if time stopped ticking at that moment.But I had not tried to stand up also.Instead I had been busy looking whether anybody laughing or looking at me.

Thank God.I had heard somebody laughing and nobody had been tried to lift me up.Slowly I had been managed to collect my scattered note books on the floor and stood up like nothing happened.I could not have been able to find a place to sit.Every seat had been occupied and knowing that I had walked to the last row of the bench.

People who had been sitting in the last row stared at me.I have given a smile with hesitation and started walking towards the first row.There had been one empty seat in the first row.Big smile had spreaded over my face when the moment I had found a seat to sit.Two people sitting in the first bench has welcomed me with the warm smile and I replied with my gratuitous smile.She had asked me “Are you okay??”. She had been rubbing my knees for some time after she saw me limping. Those three words had made us to stick with each other till today.

Photo Credits: Google.

Frankly telling,that embarrassing situation has given me an amazing friend.Apart from my family,When I want to take important decisions in my life, She is the first person I want to talk to. I can tell tons of thing about her.Right now, I am not.It will make me smile when everybody asks something about her to me .I am gifted and I still thank the first day of my college life which had given me the precious moments to treasure for the rest of my life even though it had happened out to be the bad day .Like most people, college life  had made me to grow up (not physically;)) in everything. That is  why I always believe we will gain either a learning out of bad happenings or good thing  will come out of bad happenings.

Actually,I wanted to tell “Good comes out of bad” but happened to write these to remember  my memories;)

I am ready to hear if you wish to  share your one such memories here.

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