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Feel like writing …

If I feel to write about anything,I will write and post immediately whatever it takes.But I don’t feel like writing  about it,but some thing is forcing me inside to write on it.I am going to write about my wild dream which I had few days back and I don’t want to hold it inside as well,it’s eating my head

She couldn’t believe she was sitting next to herself.Person who looks alike her lying dead besides her.Her mother was crying and she couldn’t keep watching her mother cry.She wanted to wipe her tears but she was not able to touch her.She was not able to believe the happenings around her.Then she concluded that person who is lying dead is not who likes alike her but herself.She nodded her head,rubbed her eyes twice,but things didn’t change.No matter how she tried,it was too hectic to figure out how she died.

If some unexpected and bitter things happen,Like everyone she wished to wake up from the bad dream.No magic has happened to tell her it is a dream.But tears keeps rolling down over her cheeks.Suddenly,white ray of light is coming towards her.Human mind’s imagination is wild and it’s ridiculous some times.So many Wh questions are arisen. Is anyone coming through it to collect my soul?Is destination Heaven or Hell?Can I see God in this journey ?All of sudden,some thing has put an end to her imagination.She turned back suddenly after hearing some one knocking the door.Yes,She was able to hear her own heart beat,deep breath of her friend next to her cot,wind which is blowing fast outside.Her eyes were wide open.She wiped her tears,got up from the bed and opened the door at midnight but nobody was there.Still,Now I am not able to believe it was a dream and I am happy it ended well before some one has arrived in my dream. At last,bright smile spreaded over my face in that mid night to tell myself that  I am still alive and no body came to collect my soul.

Is it the stairway to Heaven??

Is it the stairway to Heaven??

Few days back,I watched a Korean drama called 49 Days .I was so captivated by the cast,story line of this drama.This story might have been a reason for the dream.Still I am not able to believe that it was a dream.Everything looks like real but I could feel the fear of death.As I watched myself die, I am experiencing restless nights the dream shook me to the core.I am grateful that I woke up from the dream and I am really very happy to be alive at this moment

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Quit or not????

After keep on telling ” All is Well “,I am presenting here my thoughts.

I was in dilemma to quit blogging after  publishing my first post and reading some amazing posts . I should not say it as amazing.There were some masterpieces too. Even though I started blogging without thinking , it’s too early for  me to think of quitting. I analysed whether I really want to quit. After deep analysis, percentage rounded to less than 20% for quitting. Anyhow without knowing the way of  writing ,that more than 80% induced me to write this post.

While reading others blogs, I found that there are lot of new writing aspects which would move people’s heart. Those writing aspects seemed to be the writer’s honest thoughts. Those people are not writing  for the sake of writing . Here comes the reasons of 20 percent for quitting. The major thing is my language. I thank my parents that I was educated in the medium of English. Otherwise I will have to struggle hard with my capability .

An incident strikes into my mind while typing the word ‘ my capability ‘. I used the same word (‘my capability’) while talking with my relative, he started advising that there is no such thing u can’t achieve in the world when u put your hard work and blah blah ….I don’t blame him for giving advice to encourage me out of good intention . But I couldn’t agree with him. Even though we are confident enough and ready to put  our heart to achieve our dreams , certain things might not work . Some of you might disagree with me also. I didn’t dare to talk back at that time about what he said .

According to me, everyone has certain unique characteristic and certain limitations . Having flaws is also one’s uniqueness . We should accept us whole heartily what we are . If we realize what we are and what we want to do , it may turn out as a good turning point in life . Now , I will come back to the story . Even while speaking in front of my friends, I am still afraid about my pronunciation and proper usage of words. Even though more than 30 languages are being spoken by my people across the country, I ended up in knowing different dialects of Tamil and little English. By now you might have imagined me as the pessimistic person . But I am not . Anyhow, I decide to not give up no matter whatever happens:)

I always feel that there are lots to learn. Blogging might help me to explore more adventures in my life . I hope I will make a better day than yesterday.People I have never seen keep encouraging me through their thoughts. It’s really wonderful. Right????

Thanks for the people who is giving me hope, courage and confidence to post more . Now I am not afraid  to hit publish button.

Learn and enjoy from each and every moment of life

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