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Not Bad!!!

I am wondering how could I do something which I have not done before when I was not in a good mood.I am not able to figure out the reason.I haven’t drawn well since my childhood.I am very bad at drawing.When I drew apple in my biology class,my teacher asked me,”The shape of tomato didn’t come out as I think”.

Now I wanted to go back to that time and prove my teacher that I improved a little than I was.After looking at what I have drawn makes me feel that I am not that bad at drawing.




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I have fallen for you

You  never knew how much I
Hated and Loved you
I ve hated you like anything
When I heard your name.

I forced myself to stop
liking you again.
It’s your fault to make me
drive crazy of you

You ‘ve challenged me that
I cant live without you.
And so I have forced myself
to stop looking for your trace

When I feel your presence,
my eyes look only at you.
I never mind when people tease
my craziness of you

I hated you and loved you
I dont know whether I will
love you forever or not
But I love you as of now

I ll never let go of your
legs from my hands again.
I am at lost for words
when I have hot crunchy
fried chicken leg in my hand.

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