Thank You !!!

After spending some time to choose the title,I ended up choosing thank you.Nothing suits best other than this.

Travel has always been a passion.Yes,Who wouldn’t take break from routine life.In the busy and routine,I managed to get two days leave to attend my friend’s engagement.Like every one,I am excited over relaxing myself and visiting new place so as my friends.



We never expected such a warm welcome from my friend’s family.It’s time to talk about the place we visited.A place called Aralvaimozhi,a town in Kanyakumari,Tamilnadu where large number of wind farms are situated.We were taken away by breath taking scenery of the place and warm welcome and hospitality of her family.

Christmas tree in Church

Christmas tree in Church

Her parents and relatives took care of us very well even though they were busy in her daughter’s engagement arrangements.It’s a place where majority of Christians lives.People are enthusiastic and caught up with Christmas celebration mood.It was my first time seeing the Christmas celebration .Decorating house with Christmas tress,singing carols,Prayers which I have seen only in movies,I got a chance to see all these things .Her mother prepared feast all three days and fed us until our stomach explodes ;)Her engagement ended well with every one’s blessings.Two things I have seen from the three days are Being grateful to Jesus and Importance of Prayer.

Breakfast on the day of Christmas

Breakfast on the day of Christmas

Visiting Kanyakumari was in my wishlist.Finally, it’s fulfilled.My friend’s dad took us even every one was tired of previous day engagement.We are very thankful and owe them a lot.I have been there already when I was three. But It was not a age to remember things and excited over the wonders around the places. Kanyakumari,southern tip of India is famous for sunrise and sunset point,beaches,Vivekanandar rock,Gandhi Mandapam,Thiruvalluvar statue.

Kanyakumari beach

Kanyakumari beach

On the way to kanyakumari,uncle explaned the whole process of how wind mill functions.We were really wondered by the way he explained.I couldn’t believe I was at Kanyakumari since it was very clean compared to other beaches in India I have visited so far.It’s the place where Indian Ocean,Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea meets.After seeing the 133 feet Valluvar statue with own eyes,I was still confused whether this really statue was hit by the Tsunami waves .We were back from their home with lot of sweet memories.

Thiruvalluvar statue

Thiruvalluvar statue

I had so much fun with their family and my friends.I had no word to say when her mom said she couldn’t take care of us because of engagement.We bid good bye to her family after taking a picture with them.

Time really flies fast.It seems like I was thinking yesterday about the new year resolution.But we will be in the new year in one day.I have been quite busy from the mid of November.I should have made some time to visit my WordPress friends,I have read some of your posts and I could only spend time to read your blog and like the posts ,I will catch up with your archives soon.

I would like to thank you all and being a part of memories in 2013.It turned out as a wonderful year .Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.May all your wishes comes true !!!

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Diwali- Festival of Joy

It’s a festival of joy.The day which I have awaited has finally came.

Diwali signifies different things.Diwali is to celebrate Lord Ram’s home return to Ayodhya after 14 years.Few centuries before,Naragasuran tortured and killed people to rule.So people prayed Lord krishna to defeat the the evil.To celebrate Naragasuran’s death,holy lights are lit up and day is passed down as a tradition as Diwali.So it is called as ‘Lighting festival”

Before one week itself,My grandmother,aunt and mom started preparing sweets and hots for Diwali. Before one decade,everybody in the family used to gather for the festival before 5 days.Now a days, it’s very difficult to celebrate a festival as a family since every one is scattered around for work and studies. At least I am glad every one gathered for the festival  before one day.

Every year It’s so much fun bursting crackers with my family,looking up at the sky in the night to look at the colorful night crackers .I wish time would tick slowly.Taking oil bath in the early,wearing new dresses, eating sweets,visiting temples,bursting crackers,grandma’s food preparation.Who wouldn’t long for it?

Let the celebration begin !!!

I always fond of tasting Grandma’s food preparation even though it doesn’t vary much from my mom.



My brothers have kept all the crackers under the hot sun light so that it will catch the fire and burst easily since it has been drizzling on the day of Diwali .The moment they kept the crackers,it started raining.Without knowing that,They were watching TV inside.



As usual,I was trying to capture Rithanika,She does her part very well by grabbing the camera.It was real fun running behind her the whole day.The child who just started speaking one or two words understands her grandma’s heart very well.She knows how to cheer up her grandma.Smile which shows her sprouted tooth washes away my grandma’s tiredness.

My Cousin ,Rithanika

My Cousin ,Rithanika

I am quite surprised when Rithanika is not scared of continuously bursting cracker’s sound because she runs away to her mom when she hears the sound of mixer grinder’s sound. Isn’t she interesting ??

It swirls faster than we expected

It swirls faster than we expected

The way my uncle and my brothers have burst the crackers have exceeded everyone’s expectation this year.


Because of my beloved uncle,we all got the chance to watch the newly released most anticipated movie,”Aarambam[Starting]” on the day of Diwali.We haven’t wasted a second in order to enjoy and making memories.



Yes,Diwali is of sweets.It was so yummy and so I forgot to capture the pictures since I was busy in tasting it.I managed to capture only one.

Ladoo,Gulab Jamun ,Murukku

Ladoo,Gulab Jamun ,Murukku

Celebration isn’t ended.Still People are bursting the crackers though celebration got over.This festival warms every one’s heart and makes us remember this day through out the year.I am very glad to share my happiness with all of you.

Thanks for reading !!

I have missed so many posts while I have gone for Diwali to my native.I will catch up very soon.

Count down starts for next Diwali.

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To the Special person !!!!

Happy Birthday !!

This is my second happy birthday post and she is the most special person in my life and so is her birthday.I feel it’s one of the special ways to wish my best friend on her birthday.

Without you,my college life would have been boring.This is not a correct way to tell you are special. Isn’t it?

Bouquet for your happy birthday!

Bouquet for your happy birthday!

Life is all about making memories with our families and friends.I don’t know how my tomorrow turns out to be. I am being happy remembering my happy moments.

Because of you,I made lots of happy memories which I cherish.Frankly saying,I have never embarrassed for falling down on the first day of my college life.If it has not happened,I wouldn’t have met you.When I was happy,there were so many people around me.You are one among few when nobody believed in me.

I thank HIM several times for giving me such a beautiful friend.I admired your boldness and confidence several times.Be happy and always smiling as you are.Getting a GOOD friend is a GOD’S GIFT.I am thankful for HIM always.

May you have many many returns of the day.I am very thankful for all the happiness you brings to me.May every dream of yours comes true and happiness surround you always.Wishing you successful years ahead.Hope this post brings smile in your face.Any ways you shouldn’t have reminded me that it’s your birthday.

Let’s be best friends forever.

Thanks for being born.

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Scent

Rather than being a visitor,I feel it will be fun participating in the Challenges.Every time I wonder how people always come up with beautiful and unique entries.Hope I will make such entries in my participation for the further challenges.Please enjoy more entries in Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Scent.

No place is better than our home .Like wise,Nothing tastes better than Mom’s food.Usually,We don’t realize the worth of some thing or some one until  we lose it or miss it.Yes,I feel sorry for criticizing mom’s preparation when I was young.I miss my mom’s cooking so badly while  I am away from home .

” If there is any scent for love and care,it’s in food prepared by mom”

-Self written

Mushroom Briyani and Chicken Curry

Mushroom Briyani and Chicken Curry

My first click in my camera

Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts.
-Sigmund Freud

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Happy Birthday !!!

Happy birthday my dear brother.I know very well I care for you very much deep inside my heart. But I don’t know why is it so difficult to say “You are very special person in my life”. At least today I should say how special you are to me.Even though some times(it’s not fair to say “some times”) we ended up teasing ,hurting each other.I remember we have  lot of sweet moments to remember.

Let me remember you few moments. Do you remember I have kept so many secrets from mom and dad for you?You did the same as well for me.We both have tried to lift mom and made her fell down?We used to point out each other when we did some thing wrong?I loved to fight over silly things with you without any reason.I might have been little harsh with you during our child hood since mom likes you more.You have supported,cared,sacrificed many things for me several times.I used to hit you when I had tried to help your exams.I know it means “torturing” in your dictionary and  you know I can’t help myself stop doing that. Aww, one more thing is still in my eyes as it happened like yesterday.When our neighbors took us an example for “most affectionate brother sister”,we exchanged a serious look trying to control the burst out laughing.I can keep on adding things into the list.Thanks for adding spiciness in my life.



There is a saying that “Younger ones always snatch from elder ones”. I have seen so many examples  so far. But it’s absolutely false .First thing comes out from his mouth is “Let her do it first,let her eat it first”. I remember each and every thing  you have done to comfort me when I was feeling down.I used to say utter some nonsense words like “Please grow up, Act upon your age”.

You are a good son,caring brother,true friend.May you have many many returns of the day.My life should have been boring if you haven’t born.So,Thanks for being born.Wishing you all success in your life.Be happy and keep smiling !!!

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Feel like writing …

If I feel to write about anything,I will write and post immediately whatever it takes.But I don’t feel like writing  about it,but some thing is forcing me inside to write on it.I am going to write about my wild dream which I had few days back and I don’t want to hold it inside as well,it’s eating my head

She couldn’t believe she was sitting next to herself.Person who looks alike her lying dead besides her.Her mother was crying and she couldn’t keep watching her mother cry.She wanted to wipe her tears but she was not able to touch her.She was not able to believe the happenings around her.Then she concluded that person who is lying dead is not who likes alike her but herself.She nodded her head,rubbed her eyes twice,but things didn’t change.No matter how she tried,it was too hectic to figure out how she died.

If some unexpected and bitter things happen,Like everyone she wished to wake up from the bad dream.No magic has happened to tell her it is a dream.But tears keeps rolling down over her cheeks.Suddenly,white ray of light is coming towards her.Human mind’s imagination is wild and it’s ridiculous some times.So many Wh questions are arisen. Is anyone coming through it to collect my soul?Is destination Heaven or Hell?Can I see God in this journey ?All of sudden,some thing has put an end to her imagination.She turned back suddenly after hearing some one knocking the door.Yes,She was able to hear her own heart beat,deep breath of her friend next to her cot,wind which is blowing fast outside.Her eyes were wide open.She wiped her tears,got up from the bed and opened the door at midnight but nobody was there.Still,Now I am not able to believe it was a dream and I am happy it ended well before some one has arrived in my dream. At last,bright smile spreaded over my face in that mid night to tell myself that  I am still alive and no body came to collect my soul.

Is it the stairway to Heaven??

Is it the stairway to Heaven??

Few days back,I watched a Korean drama called 49 Days .I was so captivated by the cast,story line of this drama.This story might have been a reason for the dream.Still I am not able to believe that it was a dream.Everything looks like real but I could feel the fear of death.As I watched myself die, I am experiencing restless nights the dream shook me to the core.I am grateful that I woke up from the dream and I am really very happy to be alive at this moment

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Goa Trip

Last weekend,I had an wonderful trip with my friends and colleagues and this is my first longest trip too.I was excited so much that two day trip is planned to Goa,”India’s foreign Country”.More over everyone is allowed to bring their family and friends.I brought my friends and more over they are very much eager in the trip.When planned to go for the trip,I had so many questions.I was afraid whether my friends will be able to get along with my colleagues or not?What if our parents not allow to go?What if it continuously rains in those two days?What if it exceeds my budget?In simple way,the answer is,”All were fine”.Here are some of my random memories in Goa

St.Francis Xavier Church

St.Francis Xavier Church

Saint Francis Church is considered as a world heritage site. The basilica holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier,it is around 500 years old.The body of St. Francis Xavier is kept in a well-decorated casket, which can be seen in the photographs below.When I was hearing that it is the original 500 year old human body,I was not able to believe it suddenly.I was again and again asking,”Is it true?”.

St.Francis Xavier's body

St.Francis Xavier’s body

This is the resort we were staying in Goa which is located in the walking distance of beaches.The wooden style room makes remind kerala,India.

Nordest Lemon Mint Resort

Nordest Lemon Mint Resort

I liked the Candolim beach out of other beaches we visited even though it was heavily raining and the tides were more that day.There were no other persons other than our team.It was extremely wonderful visiting the beach early in the morning.

Candolim beach

Candolim beach

Mangheswar Temple

Mangheswar Temple

Mangeswar temple

Mangeswar temple

Myself and my friends

It is a must thing to take a ride in River Cruise for every tourist.We can sit,enjoy the dance performance by artists.Dance floor is given to everyone who is riding on the top of the cruise.Yes,Of course.We had given a chance to forget ourselves and enjoy for few minutes.

River Cruise

River Cruise

Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach

Instead of getting into water and playing in the beach,I was having ice cream in that rain,doing sand art in the beach with my friends.Later I was pulled into the water by my colleagues.

Kids playing in front of the church

Kids playing in front of the church

This is an unforgettable and successful trip in my life.We had so much fun in knowing each other whereas I came to know more about my friends and colleagues.Beaches,tattoo parlors,Resorts,windy and chill Climate are still in my eyes.Thanks to my friends,parents,people in Goa and colleagues for making this memorable moments.

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Not Bad!!!

I am wondering how could I do something which I have not done before when I was not in a good mood.I am not able to figure out the reason.I haven’t drawn well since my childhood.I am very bad at drawing.When I drew apple in my biology class,my teacher asked me,”The shape of tomato didn’t come out as I think”.

Now I wanted to go back to that time and prove my teacher that I improved a little than I was.After looking at what I have drawn makes me feel that I am not that bad at drawing.




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Simple things brings happiness

Life is not always best but it is not bad because day by day it is getting interesting by finding new happiness or by nostalgia.This picture makes me to remember the olden days.Most of the times, real happiness not comes from big things;it comes from the simple things.For me one such thing is Kolam.

Kolam is a kind of South Indian art form of floor painting drawn by rice powder in olden days and using chalk powder now a days.I learnt it and became a half-perfectionist at the age of 10.In the month of December and January,most of the houses in TamilNadu will be decorated with kolam after waxing the floor with cow dung.Lot of special occasions will happen in the month of Margali [mid-December to Mid-January].There are lot of ways to draw a kolam [Rangoli,pullikolam,nelikolam etc].I asked my dad why we should we get up early decorate our houses with kolams particularly at the month of Margali using rice powder.


Rangoli kolam->Pongal festival

The answer I got from my father was “It will be very difficult for the ants to go far to collect the food in winter so that’s why we are using rice powder”.People also write welcome messages and it is a sign to welcome people to the house.I used to draw in front of the house using rice powder in my childhood.My mom always wish to make a big colourful kolam in front of our house during Pongal festival every year.When I look at this picture which is taken long back,it brings back the memories oflot of things.Drawing a kolam before sunrise is a tradition.I always end up getting up late and try to showcase my skills at least before noon.

One of my neighbors always tell me that drawing kolam is like solving a mathematics problem.Yes!If we miss out our concentration, there will be chaos in joining the dots and we will fail to make out a desired pattern.But the regrettable thing is it is in the list of one of the disappearing traditions in Tamilnadu.When I finish it perfectly the way I like,it brings utmost pleasure even though it’s a simple thing.I always want to make the big kolam every year.Expecting January soon in Calendar.

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Few Random Clicks

Visiting grandma’s home is always fun.I went to my grandma’s[maternal] home 15 days ago.House is beautifully located in a beautiful location.You will come to know it is a beautiful place. Too many beautiful’s,right???I am glad that I was brought up there,carrying lot of sweet memories of childhood in my heart.

Owning a good camera was my unfulfilled wish till few days back.My grandfather had bought me a thirty rupees worth camera as earlier than I expected.May be he couldn’t have been able to tolerate my nagging.I was flattered  and also very happy with the camera my grandpa presented.Bickering everyone to give a pose for the photo had not been a boring job to me for a long time.Now I own the original camera but my grandpa is no more in this world to look at how I have grown up.Sometimes we have to live in memories.Let me come back.It’s very common to use and carry the stuffs all the time when we get something new.Here are the few random clicks taken in my grandma’s house.

 Canal in front of the house--->Still pretending to asleep with green blanket????..Show your true colours

Canal in front of the house—>Still pretending to asleep with green blanket????..Show your true colours

Canal used to be very clean but now plants keep weeping after consuming it.It is a main source for irrigation in and around the village.Myself and my brother used to swim there and made a lot of memories.

When I woke up that morning in my grandma’s home,I could rewind the memories of morning breeze,Cow’s ma sound,bird watching,sound of rustling neem tree leaves which I used to enjoy in morning.Even though certain things like neem tree and cow are disappeared,they will remain in my memory forever.

View from the terrace--->Its boring to hear the word "taller"[I am just 6 feet].Now I don't feel taller when I look at you

View from the terrace—>Its boring to hear the word “taller”[I am just 6 feet].Now I don’t feel taller when I look at you

I always love to look at this hill when I feel down.Losing myself in the nature makes me to feel refreshed and alive.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

–Albert Einstein

Sesame plants sown in farm

Sesame plants sown in farm—>How long are you going to feed yourself to parrots???

I should have taken the pictures of sunrise and sunset behind these tall coconut tress.I missed it but I preserve a photo of sunrise which was taken long back using my old mobile.But it is one of my favorites.

Sunrise,You brightens my day!!!

Sunrise—>I woke up before you and thanks for brightening my day!!!


Yellow,Yellow–>Will you keep blooming????

Rithanika is my niece.She is very 8 month old cute child.She wore the pink frock which I have bought her three months back..We were on the way to my home since my dad invited everyone for gathering.My uncle was driving and my aunt was sitting in the front seat.She is very adorable and adjustable child and I never saw her crying.She always stick with my grandma and she is proud of that.She feels comfortable lying over my grandma’s chest and busy looking out the window.She likes to keep keys,mobiles with her for playing.

Rithanika with my grandmother

Rithanika with my grandmother—>Why are you not looking at me????

Everyone in my family completely mesmerized with her cute smile,soft fingers,adorable face,tiny legs.I wanted to capture all her cute reactions.She kept an eye on my mobile since she likes to play with it .Nobody would want to make cute little smiling face to shrink. I have given her mobile with little hesitation and she picked it happily.She doesn’t allow anyone easily to take her photograph.

My intention of giving my mobile was to deviate her so that I can click her image while she was playing.When I was about to capture her photo,she suddenly turned other side.I tried to capture many times but she didn’t like to give me a chance.Atlast I felt dizzy.Yes,Mission failed!!!!When she left our house,her smile conveyed me “Better luck next time!!!” Waiting to capture your cute little smiling face.

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