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Diwali- Festival of Joy

It’s a festival of joy.The day which I have awaited has finally came.

Diwali signifies different things.Diwali is to celebrate Lord Ram’s home return to Ayodhya after 14 years.Few centuries before,Naragasuran tortured and killed people to rule.So people prayed Lord krishna to defeat the the evil.To celebrate Naragasuran’s death,holy lights are lit up and day is passed down as a tradition as Diwali.So it is called as ‘Lighting festival”

Before one week itself,My grandmother,aunt and mom started preparing sweets and hots for Diwali. Before one decade,everybody in the family used to gather for the festival before 5 days.Now a days, it’s very difficult to celebrate a festival as a family since every one is scattered around for work and studies. At least I am glad every one gathered for the festival  before one day.

Every year It’s so much fun bursting crackers with my family,looking up at the sky in the night to look at the colorful night crackers .I wish time would tick slowly.Taking oil bath in the early,wearing new dresses, eating sweets,visiting temples,bursting crackers,grandma’s food preparation.Who wouldn’t long for it?

Let the celebration begin !!!

I always fond of tasting Grandma’s food preparation even though it doesn’t vary much from my mom.



My brothers have kept all the crackers under the hot sun light so that it will catch the fire and burst easily since it has been drizzling on the day of Diwali .The moment they kept the crackers,it started raining.Without knowing that,They were watching TV inside.



As usual,I was trying to capture Rithanika,She does her part very well by grabbing the camera.It was real fun running behind her the whole day.The child who just started speaking one or two words understands her grandma’s heart very well.She knows how to cheer up her grandma.Smile which shows her sprouted tooth washes away my grandma’s tiredness.

My Cousin ,Rithanika

My Cousin ,Rithanika

I am quite surprised when Rithanika is not scared of continuously bursting cracker’s sound because she runs away to her mom when she hears the sound of mixer grinder’s sound. Isn’t she interesting ??

It swirls faster than we expected

It swirls faster than we expected

The way my uncle and my brothers have burst the crackers have exceeded everyone’s expectation this year.


Because of my beloved uncle,we all got the chance to watch the newly released most anticipated movie,”Aarambam[Starting]” on the day of Diwali.We haven’t wasted a second in order to enjoy and making memories.



Yes,Diwali is of sweets.It was so yummy and so I forgot to capture the pictures since I was busy in tasting it.I managed to capture only one.

Ladoo,Gulab Jamun ,Murukku

Ladoo,Gulab Jamun ,Murukku

Celebration isn’t ended.Still People are bursting the crackers though celebration got over.This festival warms every one’s heart and makes us remember this day through out the year.I am very glad to share my happiness with all of you.

Thanks for reading !!

I have missed so many posts while I have gone for Diwali to my native.I will catch up very soon.

Count down starts for next Diwali.

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