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Few Random Clicks

Visiting grandma’s home is always fun.I went to my grandma’s[maternal] home 15 days ago.House is beautifully located in a beautiful location.You will come to know it is a beautiful place. Too many beautiful’s,right???I am glad that I was brought up there,carrying lot of sweet memories of childhood in my heart.

Owning a good camera was my unfulfilled wish till few days back.My grandfather had bought me a thirty rupees worth camera as earlier than I expected.May be he couldn’t have been able to tolerate my nagging.I was flattered  and also very happy with the camera my grandpa presented.Bickering everyone to give a pose for the photo had not been a boring job to me for a long time.Now I own the original camera but my grandpa is no more in this world to look at how I have grown up.Sometimes we have to live in memories.Let me come back.It’s very common to use and carry the stuffs all the time when we get something new.Here are the few random clicks taken in my grandma’s house.

 Canal in front of the house--->Still pretending to asleep with green blanket????..Show your true colours

Canal in front of the house—>Still pretending to asleep with green blanket????..Show your true colours

Canal used to be very clean but now plants keep weeping after consuming it.It is a main source for irrigation in and around the village.Myself and my brother used to swim there and made a lot of memories.

When I woke up that morning in my grandma’s home,I could rewind the memories of morning breeze,Cow’s ma sound,bird watching,sound of rustling neem tree leaves which I used to enjoy in morning.Even though certain things like neem tree and cow are disappeared,they will remain in my memory forever.

View from the terrace--->Its boring to hear the word "taller"[I am just 6 feet].Now I don't feel taller when I look at you

View from the terrace—>Its boring to hear the word “taller”[I am just 6 feet].Now I don’t feel taller when I look at you

I always love to look at this hill when I feel down.Losing myself in the nature makes me to feel refreshed and alive.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

–Albert Einstein

Sesame plants sown in farm

Sesame plants sown in farm—>How long are you going to feed yourself to parrots???

I should have taken the pictures of sunrise and sunset behind these tall coconut tress.I missed it but I preserve a photo of sunrise which was taken long back using my old mobile.But it is one of my favorites.

Sunrise,You brightens my day!!!

Sunrise—>I woke up before you and thanks for brightening my day!!!


Yellow,Yellow–>Will you keep blooming????

Rithanika is my niece.She is very 8 month old cute child.She wore the pink frock which I have bought her three months back..We were on the way to my home since my dad invited everyone for gathering.My uncle was driving and my aunt was sitting in the front seat.She is very adorable and adjustable child and I never saw her crying.She always stick with my grandma and she is proud of that.She feels comfortable lying over my grandma’s chest and busy looking out the window.She likes to keep keys,mobiles with her for playing.

Rithanika with my grandmother

Rithanika with my grandmother—>Why are you not looking at me????

Everyone in my family completely mesmerized with her cute smile,soft fingers,adorable face,tiny legs.I wanted to capture all her cute reactions.She kept an eye on my mobile since she likes to play with it .Nobody would want to make cute little smiling face to shrink. I have given her mobile with little hesitation and she picked it happily.She doesn’t allow anyone easily to take her photograph.

My intention of giving my mobile was to deviate her so that I can click her image while she was playing.When I was about to capture her photo,she suddenly turned other side.I tried to capture many times but she didn’t like to give me a chance.Atlast I felt dizzy.Yes,Mission failed!!!!When she left our house,her smile conveyed me “Better luck next time!!!” Waiting to capture your cute little smiling face.

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Very Inspiring Blogger award !!!

Many many thanks to Judy, who has nominated me for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.

Here are the few words about what I know about her.She likes writing,rain,walk in the beach.She is talented in capturing good photographs and writing poems.She loves to encourage others ,I sincerely thank her for sharing the award.I am not sure if I deserve to get one and I appreciate Judy for her encouragement.Do check her blog.I am honored that she think me that I deserve.I am in cloud nine.I am not in the position to judge anyone’s writing since I feel I have to improve a lot in my style of writing.

I appreciate Judy’s generosity and encouragement.I am so happy and honored to receive this award.Every one’s writing is unique and so everyone in this blogging world deserves to get award.But the procedures made me to share this award to 15 people.

Seven things about myself:

1.I want to thank my friends and family who always keep encouraging me in what I do

2.I like to smile often(inside and outside) and I never forget to brush my teeth twice in a day too.

3.I love to learn guitar or piano.

4.My longterm goal is to visit different countries and learn about their culture

5.I love surprises,fun,chicken,friends,family in my day to day life.Without them,I feel the day is incomplete

7.I love getting drenched in rain ,riding cycle alone  in the evening breeze,walking in the Beach bare foot

Congratulations everyone.You always make me to hit like in your posts .Thanks for making me to smile often after reading your posts.I am sure all of them might have recognized  for many awards.But it’s a way to pay my gratitude to show how much I like and enjoy reading your posts.

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Guidelines for accepting the Very Inspiring Blogger award.Following the rules is up to you and its not compulsory.

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

I feel following the mentioned  rules are not necessary.

Happy Blogging!!!!

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I have fallen for you

You  never knew how much I
Hated and Loved you
I ve hated you like anything
When I heard your name.

I forced myself to stop
liking you again.
It’s your fault to make me
drive crazy of you

You ‘ve challenged me that
I cant live without you.
And so I have forced myself
to stop looking for your trace

When I feel your presence,
my eyes look only at you.
I never mind when people tease
my craziness of you

I hated you and loved you
I dont know whether I will
love you forever or not
But I love you as of now

I ll never let go of your
legs from my hands again.
I am at lost for words
when I have hot crunchy
fried chicken leg in my hand.

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Good out of bad

Unlike any other day,I was bored to death by sitting alone in the room on Sunday.Sometimes I like to read quotes when I feel bored.When I come across the below mentioned quote,I was wondering if there were any such similar situation occurred in my life .Suddenly ,an incident strikes in my mind.Past memories started flashing in front of me that happened almost four years ago.I couldn’t control myself.I started laughing like anything(ROFL)

Life is of good and bad. Sometimes good comes out of bad .

Unexpectedly sometimes bad turns out as  funny when you think of it.


Here comes the story:

First of all thanks for reading this big passages. After completing my high school,I had been extremely happy.Some thoughts about some things might vary when we mature.But the feel of completing our last exam will never ever change.I had been blinking when my dad started asking how much I would score in the exams.I had managed to tell certain number,but lower than I expected.

I had been trembling in fears till my exam result is announced.I had got pretty good score.Everyone who cared about me was happy including me:)Like every other grandma in Tamilnadu, she advised my dad, “Why are you wasting money??.she already studied much.She should learn cooking and other house hold works so that she can get married in next two years.”My dad didn’t reply back to her and he was busy in choosing the college.

I had been afraid of entering  the college for so many reasons.It’s difficult to list here everything.Example,We have been not allowed to talk with opposite gender in schools.The rule followed in school has made me to get afraid of opposite genders.Finally,I had got admitted in one of the reputed colleges and the day came after 5 months.

Yes.Finally,It was the day I had been waiting for . I had to take a walk for some 20 mins from my hostel to reach the college main block.Class rooms for respective departments had been allocated.Everyone had been rushing to the noticeboard to identify the allotted  classrooms because nobody wanted to be late on the very first day of the college including me.

I am tall(around 176 cm) so that I could had been able to view my allocated class easily than others.I was supposed to report at 8.45 but the clock hadn’t waited for me and I rushed into my allocated classroom at 8.55.Already I had been scared.Around 10 people had been sitting in the allotted classroom.It had happened to be my good luck on that day since everyone happened to be guys..There had been no way for me to verify whether I came to the allocated room or not.At that time a person came and announced some thing.I had not heard him properly.

Photo Credits: Google.

Finally I had came to know that they changed the allotted class room.I had followed the people who were sitting along with me.I had never imagined that my first day in my college would turn out as a most embarrassing and best moment in my life.Every body entered into the classroom and I had been few steps behind them.All of sudden,after stumbling on something,I had fallen down in front of my classmates.Sorry for the interruption.Imagine for one second.Embarrassing right???I had to spend my four years with them.I had scolded myself for what happened.I had wished it would be nice if time stopped ticking at that moment.But I had not tried to stand up also.Instead I had been busy looking whether anybody laughing or looking at me.

Thank God.I had heard somebody laughing and nobody had been tried to lift me up.Slowly I had been managed to collect my scattered note books on the floor and stood up like nothing happened.I could not have been able to find a place to sit.Every seat had been occupied and knowing that I had walked to the last row of the bench.

People who had been sitting in the last row stared at me.I have given a smile with hesitation and started walking towards the first row.There had been one empty seat in the first row.Big smile had spreaded over my face when the moment I had found a seat to sit.Two people sitting in the first bench has welcomed me with the warm smile and I replied with my gratuitous smile.She had asked me “Are you okay??”. She had been rubbing my knees for some time after she saw me limping. Those three words had made us to stick with each other till today.

Photo Credits: Google.

Frankly telling,that embarrassing situation has given me an amazing friend.Apart from my family,When I want to take important decisions in my life, She is the first person I want to talk to. I can tell tons of thing about her.Right now, I am not.It will make me smile when everybody asks something about her to me .I am gifted and I still thank the first day of my college life which had given me the precious moments to treasure for the rest of my life even though it had happened out to be the bad day .Like most people, college life  had made me to grow up (not physically;)) in everything. That is  why I always believe we will gain either a learning out of bad happenings or good thing  will come out of bad happenings.

Actually,I wanted to tell “Good comes out of bad” but happened to write these to remember  my memories;)

I am ready to hear if you wish to  share your one such memories here.

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Quit or not????

After keep on telling ” All is Well “,I am presenting here my thoughts.

I was in dilemma to quit blogging after  publishing my first post and reading some amazing posts . I should not say it as amazing.There were some masterpieces too. Even though I started blogging without thinking , it’s too early for  me to think of quitting. I analysed whether I really want to quit. After deep analysis, percentage rounded to less than 20% for quitting. Anyhow without knowing the way of  writing ,that more than 80% induced me to write this post.

While reading others blogs, I found that there are lot of new writing aspects which would move people’s heart. Those writing aspects seemed to be the writer’s honest thoughts. Those people are not writing  for the sake of writing . Here comes the reasons of 20 percent for quitting. The major thing is my language. I thank my parents that I was educated in the medium of English. Otherwise I will have to struggle hard with my capability .

An incident strikes into my mind while typing the word ‘ my capability ‘. I used the same word (‘my capability’) while talking with my relative, he started advising that there is no such thing u can’t achieve in the world when u put your hard work and blah blah ….I don’t blame him for giving advice to encourage me out of good intention . But I couldn’t agree with him. Even though we are confident enough and ready to put  our heart to achieve our dreams , certain things might not work . Some of you might disagree with me also. I didn’t dare to talk back at that time about what he said .

According to me, everyone has certain unique characteristic and certain limitations . Having flaws is also one’s uniqueness . We should accept us whole heartily what we are . If we realize what we are and what we want to do , it may turn out as a good turning point in life . Now , I will come back to the story . Even while speaking in front of my friends, I am still afraid about my pronunciation and proper usage of words. Even though more than 30 languages are being spoken by my people across the country, I ended up in knowing different dialects of Tamil and little English. By now you might have imagined me as the pessimistic person . But I am not . Anyhow, I decide to not give up no matter whatever happens:)

I always feel that there are lots to learn. Blogging might help me to explore more adventures in my life . I hope I will make a better day than yesterday.People I have never seen keep encouraging me through their thoughts. It’s really wonderful. Right????

Thanks for the people who is giving me hope, courage and confidence to post more . Now I am not afraid  to hit publish button.

Learn and enjoy from each and every moment of life

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Being myself!!!

I started writing for my very first post without deciding what to write.

I just want to make a confession and my wish in the very first post. I feel every one in the world is unique. Yeah, me too. Why should we try to change ourselves if people start liking me for what I am.I always grasp things slowly and I am  not perfect.I may be stupid some times to some people. That  is who I am.No one in the world is perfect at everything. It doesn’t mean that I should not change. But we should not regret for being changed in the future.

People around me started looking down for what I am.I didn’t want anyone to look down on me.I wanted to impress the people who looked down on me.Then I started becoming another person.I don’t know whether I appeared better to them or not. But I found that I didn’t look better to myself

Thank God.

After some months, I realized that I was not myself in the past few months. I regret for the days I was not true to my friends and family. I will never know who I am and what I really want. Finally I made a decision.

I wont want to be someone else even the future brings all I desire.
I am happy with the way I am even I make flaws in everything.

Being myself forever is forever wish.

I’m not playing a role. I’m being myself, whatever the hell that is.

-Bea  Arthur

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